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News | 13th July 2018

2018 is turning out to be another successful year for Nakavango Conservation Programme, with the help of our eager volunteers. Their efforts are focused on conservation and community work, making a difference both on and off the reserve. But it’s not all work and no play – unforgettable moments with new, like-minded friends and thrilling wildlife …
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Masuwe Primary School embraces Nakavango!

Blog | 10th March 2015

Courtesy of Molly Brown… Nakavango’s community project aim for 2015 is to make a more significant impact in conservation education and this is achieved through our visits to the local primary schools. We are delighted to now be assisting Masuwe Primary School (MPS), after having achieved our objectives at Jabulani Primary School. Jabulani Primary School …
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The Rhino Situation – seeking out the “positives”…

Blog | 20th September 2013

People are naturally very quick to focus on tragic and negative news, however, there is so much positive action taking place, especially for rhinos. It is vital to focus on and share the positivity, for without feeding positivity and faith into the future of our rhinos, a positive result is not possible. I decided to …
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Clueless in Africa (a delightful post from the mouths of two of our volunteers!)

Blog | 29th July 2013

CLUELESS IN AFRICA – JULY 2013 BY FLORA HAMILTON & SUZY HOUGHTON After spending two weeks at the Nakavango Conservation Centre in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, we have created a list of ten things we found essential to our survival!… At least one full khaki outfit including a cap and a pair of Courtney boots (you’ll …
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Visit to Jabulani Primary and Secondary school with Children in the Wilderness

Blog | 28th February 2013

Opposite the Victoria Falls airport lies a track which seems of little consequence. There is no signage and looks like it could lead into the middle of nowhere, in face there is little to suggest that what lies beyond the scant foliage is a small school, run by a woman who is in the same …
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6 days ago

Nakavango Conservation Programme

Thanks to Picket Chabwedzeka and his anti-poaching team for this rescue, and thanks to Victoria falls Wildlife Trust for taking care of this fish eagle.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

10 days ago this juv African Fish Eagle was brought into our High-care rehabilitation centre by the team at Nakavango Conservation Programme. He was starving, emaciated and found lying half dead next to the dam, known to be where a resident pair of fish eagles live on the game reserve of The Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel.

Here's a sneaky candid video of him today, catching his very own live bream fish from his little pond, eating it and flying back to his perch!
Thanks so much to Rod from the Bream Farm for donating the fish! 🐟

Once we know he can fly properly and will be able to survive in the wild we will release him. We think it will be quite soon! 😃
#WildlifeRescue #VictoriaFallsWildlifeTrust #Eagle #FishEagle
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