Clueless in Africa (a delightful post from the mouths of two of our volunteers!)




After spending two weeks at the Nakavango Conservation Centre in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, we have created a list of ten things we found essential to our survival!…

  1. At least one full khaki outfit including a cap and a pair of Courtney boots (you’ll be Peter’s best friend… but don’t arrive in it)
  2. Camera: a maximum of ten pictures of an elephant – be a traveller not a tourist 🙂
  3. Sun cream (do not underestimate a Zim winter)
  4. Ipod and headphones for the evening campouts (you will need music to disguise the lion roars metres from the tent)
  5. A very strong bladder! (Avoid going in the bush at all costs)
  6. A good knowledge of the local lingo… Shame, Ya, Just now, Now now
  7. Oxygen tank for white-water rafting (you will spend more time in the Zambezi River than in the raft)
  8. 20/20 vision, or if lacking, bring glasses (some things really are camouflaged – like the big elephant a metre away from the vehicle that Flora could not see?)
  9. Basic knowledge of the wildlife (so you don’t mistake a hippo for a rock – Suzy?)
  10. Full safety briefing before venturing into “Shoestrings” on a Saturday night. This, Brenda will happily advise you of 🙂



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