Our Survival courses run for a minimum  of 3 days (2 nights) and include:

  • 1174579_620233104677487_2028056417_n

    Compass and map orientation

  • Taking a bearing and back bearing
  • Learning how to read geographical structures on a map
  • Night navigation and recognizing constellations to aid navigation.
  • Cooking in the bush
  • How to build a fire without man made lighters
  • Fishing
  • How to build a shelter should you be caught away from civilization
  • How to move safely over rough terrain
  • First Aid in the wilderness
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Local, natural remedies
  • How to make a stretcher
  • How to make a signal fire
  • Learning the basic use of GPS

Bush fire - boiling water

Students arrive in the evening and transfer directly to the bush camp. They will watch, learn and help this first night with the making of the fire and cooking. On the first evening the students will receive a theoretical lesson on the main stars in the Southern Hemisphere night sky as well as basic navigational with a map and compass. The emphasis will be on having fun whilst we are learning.

Day one

  • At 6am the group will strike camp and move out. Students will be placed into teams of two – depending on their understanding of the navigational lesson the night before.
  • Lessons will take place in the bush at an informal setting through out the day and into the evening. Each team will have the opportunity to lead the group along a bearing to a prominent feature or to camp.
  • Students will make the fire whilst preparing and cooking the evening meal.
  • On this evening they will need to construct their own shelters taking lessons from the previous day.

Day two

  • 6 am prompt – the group will strike camp. The student who did not navigate the day before will navigate on this day.
  • Lessons will again take place whilst the group is moving. The same as before, the lessons will be:
  • Hygiene
  • Trees with leaves and edible fruit (depending on the time of year)
  • Moving safely over rough terrain
  • Basic first aid in the wilderness
  • Fishing (catching, preparing and cooking safely)
  • Wildlife ID and basic bird ID
  • The teams who did not work the previous evening in cooking, cleaning and fire making will have the opportunity on the second night, and nights following, on the longer courses.

*(there will be an opportunity to bathe in the wilderness whilst camping out)

Day Three

  • Students go to the Conservation Centre for a shower and a hot breakfast before leaving Nakavango.

Admission requirements for the course:

To be eligible for this project you need to be 18+ with a fair level of fitness, have a keen interest for conservation, and be prepared to be tested physically and mentally!

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Call +263 13 41005/7 for more information on our 3 day Survival course.

Longer courses also available on request!