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What about health and safety?

First aid is available on site and during all activities, as your co-ordinators are first aid qualified. There are doctors and a clinic in Victoria Falls. For any serious emergencies, patients are evacuated by air by MARS (Medical Air Rescue Services) to the nearest, appropriate hospital.

The Victoria Falls area is a malaria area; however, the risk of contracting malaria is moderate as the area is not a high risk area. Students are advised to seek the advice of your doctor regarding anti-malaria precautions. Students should bring insect repellent and an anti-histamine cream and tablets approved by your doctor.

Please ensure that your medical insurance while you are travelling is in order. You will need to pay cash to any doctor, clinic or hospital in the area should you need to make use of their services. You are advised to keep such receipts so that you can claim back from your insurance company after your trip.

It is very important that you include all necessary information, as per your booking form, regarding specific medical conditions.

HIV & AIDS: This disease is a huge problem all over the world, and in Africa especially; Victoria Falls is no exception.

To learn more about how it is affecting Africa, please visit the following website:

The tap water at the facility and in the surrounding areas is drinkable, but contains a bit of lime. Water on the Nakavango Estate is sourced from boreholes. Should students not enjoy the taste of the water, you are welcome to purchase bottled water.

Please ensure that you bring any medication specifically related to specific medical conditions, e.g. asthma, allergies, diabetes, etc. and ensure that you provide us with all necessary details of such conditions on your booking form.

Volunteers are not to exit the boundary of Camp Nakavango, unless accompanied by your co-ordinator, or leaving with an arranged transfer. The camp is situated in a dangerous game area.

When visiting the town of Victoria Falls, it is unsafe to walk around at night, specifically due to dangerous wildlife that readily enter the town at night (and sometimes during the day!) Also, it is advised that students do not engage with informal sellers of various goods in the streets as this invariably leads to harassment until the goods are purchased, and usually at unreasonable prices. There are tourism police readily available to escort you to various sites around town, and it is recommended that students make use of the services of the tourism police.

The tourist police are funded by private establishments in the Victoria Falls tourism community, and are easily recognisable by their navy blue police uniform and yellow bibs stating “Victoria Falls Tourism Police”. However, the people in the town are very friendly, and we make the above recommendation in the interest of your enjoyment of Victoria Falls. Please feel free to seek the advice on any topics, especially related to your health and safety, from your co-ordinator.