Nakavango in the news

February 2016 – 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vic Falls – Nakavango High Five!
Badza in hand Dean shares his love of the African bush and 28 years experience of professional guiding with fervour… An education that is boundless and imparted with humour like this is as rare as the rhino that live there…

March 2015: Volunteers needed for elephant ops
An article about what will be happening at our planned elephant relocation safari, taking place in August 2016. “The elephant will be darted with a tranquiliser from a helicopter. Once the animals are recumbent, the game capture team will require plenty of help from Nakavango volunteers…”

October 2014: All Hands on Deck
A story in the Zambezi Traveller about our Rhino Op in 2014. “To dehorn rhino the most effective tool is a chainsaw. Ideally the animal should be sedated for as short a time as possible, and the chainsaw enables teams to complete the job as quickly as possible…”

December 2014: Certified in an Ancient Art
Nakavango hosts the first ever CyberTracker-endorsed tracking evaluations in Zimbabwe. “One of the objectives of CyberTracker is for the art of tracking to be recognised as a specialised profession. Trackers can play an important role in research, monitoring, ecotourism, anti-poaching and crime prevention in nature reserves and national parks…”