What you will experience


Our volunteer guides will ensure that you leave the programme with an excellent understanding of all activities and issues related to conservation management, African wildlife, important conservation issues and sustainable community development.

You will be thoroughly briefed before each activity, particularly regarding the importance of the activity, and aspects related to safety precautions, as well as ethical and respectful conduct during activities.

Nakavango Volunteers will enjoy entertaining and interesting lectures on various topics, either delivered by our highly knowledgeable and qualified volunteer guides and reserve manager, or guest speakers. You will also receive practical education throughout all activities.

Conservation Management

The conservation management practices you will assist with are all vital to the success of the game reserve and may include:

  • Alien vegetation removal
  • Applying soil erosion control methods
  • Fence patrols
  • Anti-poaching snare sweeps
  • Waterhole creation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Game counts
  • Road maintenance
  • Reserve clean-up operations

Community Development

Volunteers assist at local schools and under the guidance of our experienced volunteer guides through the following activities:

  • Community clean-ups with the scholars
  • School vegetable garden and tree nursery maintenance with the scholars
  • Fundraising events for the initiation of specific community projects
  • Environmental awareness


All the facilities on the reserve, including the volunteer facility, are committed to “green” operations in order to achieve balance with and minimise impact on the natural environment. Our Green operation projects that volunteers may get involved with include:

  • Vegetable garden upkeep – aiming to sustain the lodge, volunteer centre, and staff community
  • Indigenous tree nursery
  • Composting
  • Installation of solar pumps at waterholes – this is done on successful fundraising campaigns by our volunteers
  • We stick to the ethos of Respect, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle as much as possible